Pumpkins from heaven

Can pumpkins and gourds demonstrate God’s love? Decide for yourself after reading this story sent in by Barb Anderson of St. Croix Falls.

After committing our financial affairs to the Lord, I determined to keep our home budget limited to only purchases of need, not want. This austere measure means limiting our purchases to meat, potatoes and vegetables, toilet paper and other stark necessities. The Mennonite simplicity motto: “Use It Up, Wear It Out, Make It Do Or Do Without” is our adopted theme this fall.

You must imagine how tempting it is for me to see, smell and touch the pretty harvest decorations that October brings. But if I let myself purchase a little pumpkin or gourd, I knew my commitment to controlled household spending would be lost.

Our autumn tradition is to display two pie pumpkins on our front step and to decorate our dining table with interesting shaped golden gourds: nothing fussy and very simple. I satisfied my senses by admiring other people’s decorated lawns and doorways in the neighborhood.

Last week at work, Mary, a sweet coworker, stopped by my cube and asked, “Do you want any pumpkins?” Mary lives on a hobby farm and loves to share her outdoor bounty. Mary then produced two burnt orange colored pie pumpkins from her box and gave them to me!

Just thirty minutes later I walked down the aisle on my way to the copier and I spied Kim, another wonderful coworker. Kim was bent over a box and was sorting multi- colored gourds into a brown grocery bag. Kim looked up at me and asked: “Would you like some gourds? Mary gave them to me and I have more than I need.”  I was allowed to choose all the gourds I wanted.

This little incident is really a story of God’s hand of goodness.

“I will tell of all your wonders.” Psalm 9:1b

“My cup overflows.” Psalm 23:5

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  1. Jess Sievers says:

    It’s amazing how God not only provides for what we need, but that he likes to do things just to make us smile… like giving us fall decorations :)

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