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Great news in a pool of rats

Something incredible happened to a Muslim in Mecca, and he wanted to tell everyone about it. But when this man started talking about how he had seen Jesus Christ, he was thrown in jail, and then into a pool of … Continue reading

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Doing the twist

The twists and turns of life can be painful and mysterious, especially when we don’t see them coming. I didn’t see a major “twist” coming, and either did a 47-year-old pastor who went from being an ultra-marathoner to being unable … Continue reading

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The vitamin lady’s secret

There are plenty of news stories about the benefits of vitamins, but those stories never mention the “vitamin lady.” Paul Ford of Hammond, Wis. shared the vitamin lady’s secret with me many years ago, and now I’ll share it with … Continue reading

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The Love Letter

Growing up in a fatherless home, unprotected by her mother and sexually abused by a stepfather, Amy felt unworthy of love. Then one day a love letter arrived, one she had been waiting for all her life. On the day … Continue reading

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The real jewels

I was having a green Christmas. Not the evergreen, pine boughs or holly shade of green, but one of a more jealous hue. It was almost 20 years ago, and I was spending Christmas Eve with my husband, my young … Continue reading

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Got thanks? Share them!

What are you thankful for?  Consider commenting about it here and creating a blog of “thanks”!  Here’s one thing I’m thankful for: I don’t need an iPhone to reach God! No Cell Phone Required When I think of how my life … Continue reading

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God is recession-proof

Paying for my son and daughter’s college education seemed completely impossible four years ago, but it was still the desire of my heart. Yet there I was, quitting my part-time job in October 2007 because I sensed God directing me … Continue reading

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On the King’s dime

High unemployment. Housing foreclosures. Economic uncertainty. People have always worried about finances, but this country’s recession has heightened those concerns for many. By last spring, Jon Thompson’s worry about providing for his family of six had become a heavy burden, … Continue reading

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Saved from the pit

Sheila Raye Charles, the daughter of legendary singer Ray Charles, says her father was amazing – but he couldn’t save her from a life that took her to federal prison. That took someone with more power. Sheila was in her … Continue reading

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Healing 16,000 hearts

When Carl and Julie Gaede sold their house and nearly all of their belongings three years ago and moved to Uganda, they didn’t know their decision would change 16,000 lives. They only knew that God had called them to go. … Continue reading

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